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Renji's P.o.v.
He stomped into the 4th division captain's headquarters.
"Captain Unohana-san!"
"You have a lot of nerve stomping into the medical ward like that shouting all over the place."
Unohana pinched Renji's cheeks.
"Owowowowowowowo!!! I'm sorry but I think I'm sick."
"Oh.", she dropped him and let go of his cheeks, "Why didn't you say so."
"I tried when I came in.", he mumbled.
"What was that.", she said smiling.
Scared he said, "Nothing nothing at all."
"As I thought go sit over there on that chair."
Sitting down he waited as Unohana looked over him over.
"Hmmm.", Unohana tilted her head to the side, "There's nothing physically wrong with you."
"What! But there has to be something wrong with me. Every time I get near _______ I break out in sweat my heart speeds up like I'm about to go into battle. I can't stop thinking about her and when I saw her causally hanging out with some of the other guys my chest tightened up and I got angry. There has to be something wrong with me."
Unohana just stared for a second then burst out laughing.
"I-i'm sorry it's just funny that you don't know what that means on your own."
"If I knew that on my own I wouldn't have come here.", Renji yelled blushing.
Pinching his cheeks again Unohana said, "Don't raise your tone at me."
"Yesh ma'am"
"Now what has happened is you have fallen in love with _______"
Renji blinked, "I'm in love?"
"I see." His stamina back Renji jumped up, "I am gonna go tell her right now so that she'll know how I feel about her."
Racing out of the room he was smiling with his knew mission.
Unohana smiled, "Not even a thank you."

Your P.O.V.
"What am I going to do...", you said.
"About what." Cilty asked (Cilty=is your friend from the other two chapters. Though I give her a name in this one in my story Byakuya X Reader Cilty=you soooo let it go and you in this one will = Alice.)
"Don't make me repeat it!!!"
"What was that I didn't hear you what'd you say?"
Cilty smiled as you paced around their room in frustration.
"Why do I have to repeat myself?"
"Because it gets it off your chest you know."
"That's true but you've never even said once that you like the Captain."
"Yeah but the difference between the two of us is he only sees me as a marriage candidate and a possible barrier of his children he doesn't see me as a person. And I don't want to date let a lone marry such a block of icy that has low blood pressure in the morning. Even if I do love him if he doesn't love me back there's no point."
Cilty's eyes twitched as she saw a shadow under the door. Squinting her eyes she saw the animal glow of Renji's soul energy and wide grin covering her face.
"Soooo say what I told you again but louder." Cilty demanded.
You blushed, "Do I have to?"
"I like Renji." you mumble.
"Keeping going but louder."
"I love Renji." you mumbled a bit louder.
"I can't hear you."
"I love Renji." you say at normal voice sound.
"Still can't hear you I think I have a hearing problem."
"I love Renji!" you say even louder starting to get frustrated.
"What was that?"
"I LOVE ABARAI RENJI!!!" you yell at the top of your lungs. "Satisfied now?"
Cilty grinned, "Oh definitely and I'm not the only one happy about it."
Sliding back their door Renji kneeled next to it his whole face red all the way up to his ears. Your own face heated up and you kneeled next to him.
"Well I'll leave you to love birds alone."
Stocking out you and Renji sit there in silence your faces red.
"So you heard all that?" You asked.
"Yeah." he nodded. Stretching out his hand he touched your cheek. "Can I assume those are your real feelings?"
You nodded.
"Good.", he murmured. Stretching forward he touched your lips with his own slowly taking yours to test your own reaction. Tentative at first you gasped lightly when he licked your lips. Taking advantage he pushed his tongue into your mouth and slowly took your mouth. It was a gentle kiss till you started to respond then his kiss turned ravenous. It was like he was trying to brand you so that all those who saw you would know you were his. Once he let you go you collapsed onto his chest. Placing his hand on your head he murmured into your hair.
"I love you too, _______."
Bringing your head up your eyes sparkled, "I love you."
"Aren't they cute." Those words made you crash back into reality to see Cilty lying on the floor with Ichigo heads resting on their hands watching them through the open door.
Both your faces poofed as they turned red.
Renji jumped up pointing at Ichigo, "What kind of peeping tom are you."
"Hey I didn't come here on purpose Cilty said she had something to show me that would embarrass you I din't think it was something like this."
You started to laugh at the familiar scene when you saw Cilty get up.
"Thank you.", you mouthed.
Cilty winked at you before she left the room.
I do not own bleach or any of it's characters
I do own this story
I do not own you

If you don't like it don't read it
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Chapter 3- you are here (Last Chapter of Renji X Reader)

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the scne with unohana when renji realised his feelings was a bit too short making
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