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Time skip~ Just so you know some parts will be filled in in other stories

You were practicing in the training field when you felt someone watching you. It was a creepy feeling and you looked around for the source looking over your shoulder you saw an ugly man from your division and put his arm around your shoulder.
"So babe, you want to get higher in the ranks if you do I can help you with that."
Feeling even more creeped out you delicately removed his arm. "Umm no I think I can do it on my own."
"Aww now don't be like that." When he tried to touch you again you slapped him hard enough he hit the ground. Touching his wounded cheek he spit out. "You'll never get anywhere in the ranks now that you've done that, and you've ticked me off."
When he tried to touch you again and you were preparing to use your sword strong arms wrapped around you and pulled you out of the man's slimy grip.
"Now now that's no way to treat a lady."
You looked up for the second time to find Abarai looking down at you.
"Now see hear this girl slapped me for no reason I demand she be punished!"
"Ahhh, what was that fatso. You were the one with your slimy hands all over me." ,you thought irritated.
Abarai continued to smile and punched the man in the face knocking him back a foot or so.
"That's for lying." ,stepping forward he kneed him in the gut, "And that's for putting your hands on an unwilling woman."
When the man scurried off you said, "Thanks Lieutenant Abarai."
"No problem creeps like that deserve to rot plus it's fun to be the jester in shining armor."
You smiled then started to giggle. "I think you mean knight in shining armor."
His face pink end a little. "Are you sure it's not jester?"
"Awww well I was close." You continued to converse pleasantly and even trained together for a while.

Time Skip~ Lunch

You where sitting at a table with the Lieutenant when he had to get up to go get something. Your friend sat down with a grin on her face. "When did you get so close to the Lieutenant?"
Your own face flushed a bit as you tried to deny it. "Were not close he's just being kind to the rookies.
"Ah ho I don't see him being that nice to any other rookie."
Your face flushed even more when Renji came back.
"What's up Rookie and _______"
"Uh hi Renji"
"Ohhh already on first name basis. I'm jelly (A//N for those of you not up to date on texter lingo jelly=jealous) ." Your friend smiled like a Cheshire cat and sighed.
Renji and you flushed worse.
Coughing he said, "So um things not going well with the Captain?"
"With that grouch nothing can go right." She said.
A chill went down your spines and your and Renji's eyes went wide.
Your friend blinked then sighed, "He's right behind me isn't he?"
You both nodded.
A vein appeared on his head, "So sorry for being a grouch."
"Hehehe." sweat coursed down your friends face before The Captain picked her up bridal style and carried her kicking and screaming out of the mess hall.
"Never seen the Captain do that."
You both looked wide eyed at each other before bursting out laughing.
"So what are you eating?"
You blushed lightly.
"Nothing really just a home made bento."
"Ah, that looks good."
Renji snaps one of your egg rolls and chews on it thoughtfully. You didn't really notice but you were anticipating is reaction to your food.
"This is delicious!"

Renji's P.O.V.
_______'s face lit up like the sun. Renji could feel his cheeks wanting to heat up but tried to cough to cover it up. When she continued to smile at him Renji looked away embarrassed snatching up more off her food he started to eat all of her lunch.
"Hey! You can't eat all of it!"
Snatching her lunch he said, "No this is delicious!"
She leaned forward across the table trying to snatch the box back from him as he shoveled food into his mouth.
He was looking across the room when he saw some of the other Shinigami feeding each other. The female one would hold up the food then the male would eat it.
Snapping back around his face was inched from _________ he jerked back his face going red.
She blinked at him, "Renji?"
Dropping his head down he even felt his ears heat up.
"Yesh, even the way she says my name is adorable.", he thought, "What is going on why am I so unnerved when I'm around _________?"
Standing up abruptly he stomped out of the mess hall to ask for advice.

Your P.O.V.
"That was surprising!", you thought.
When Renji's face had turned around and been only an inch apart from your own you hadn't been able to look away from his strong chocolate eyes or his firm but gentle looking lips.
Your face heated up from your thoughts and you started to bang your head on the table.
Stopping you lifted your head, "I have it bad for Renji."
I do not own Bleach or any of it's characters all credit goes to the author
I do own this story
I do not own you

If you don't like it don't read it
If you want a minor character just ask all major characters will be done eventually

Chapter 1- [link]
Chapter 2- you are here
Chapter 3- [link]
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Nevermoremist Featured By Owner May 23, 2015
Nope it's definitely jeter in shining armor. He's to funny a character to be a knight lol, unless of course the jester got knighted for saving the lord/his family or a noble guest that might work *thinking face*
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waoh i am reading this a 2 time?! LOL
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so cute!
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so CUTE!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

KooriTora Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013   General Artist
Chapter 3 is out as well
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