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Finally the day was here!
You were finally getting in the squad who's members you admired for their strength and skill.
Skipping a little you were smiling as you followed behind the small group off people who would also be joining Squad 6. The group was being led by the 9rd seat Mihane Shirogane-san.
"Now the 6th division is a model for all other Squads you must always uphold the rules or you will be punished by our Lieutenant or Captain depending on the seriousness of your crime."
You heard some giggling in front of you from some girls who were chattering eagerly, "I wouldn't mind being punished by Captain Kuchiki." The first girl said smirking slightly.
"Ohhh your so daring! But he's so hot I heard the last girl to see him without his shirt on passed out from blood loss." The second one said.
The two girls moved their heads closer together and giggled louder. "What's so good about Captain Kuchiki I mean he's ok in the looks department but you respected him more for his strength and coolness in battle then his body. No! No! No! I have to pay attention to the tour." You shook your head vigorously and looked back to Shirogane-san.  
"Now on the right you will see your barracks your stuff has already been delivered and you will be given a number and that number is the room you will stay in."
"Ah, but I would totally love to get close to the Lieutenant Abarai." The girls started talking again.
"Oh I know what you mean I heard he's an animal in you know." The first girl wiggled her eyebrows. ( >/*^*\<)
Your whole face grew hot at this comment. You knew you had special feelings for the Lieutenant but you also knew that he would never see you that way and you needed to get over it.
Shirogane-san continued to talk, "And on your left are the training fields."
"Ahhhhh I need to concentrate!" You thought slapping your cheeks to sharpen your concentration.
Just when you had come to the end of the tour and your ears where burning from the females in the groups non-stop talking except for one who had kept total silence the whole tour. Thinking you might be able to make a friend you walked over.
"Umm so are you joining Squad 6 too?"
At first you thought she hadn't heard you but then she looked at you and seemed surprised that you were talking to her. When the silence continued you wanted to smack yourself for asking such a stupid question. "I mean she wouldn't be here if she wasn't joining Squad 6, and she probably thinks you're an idiot for asking such an obvious question.", as your thoughts became more and more depressing she finally answered.
"Yes, I'm joining my dad thought it would be good experience for me to serve my world until I'm old enough to make a family off my own." She answered with a shy smile.
You answered that tentative smile with a wide one of your own. "Yeah, I know what you mean my mom wanted me to join to go husband hunting."
Laughing together you continued to talk until Shirogane-san showed us were the mess hall was when after an unusually long pause to answer a question caught your attention. Turning around you couldn't see your new friend anywhere. Calling out her name you spun around and around looking for her till you finally went up to Shirogane-san and asked, "Can we look for one of the members I think she got lost and I can't find her anywhere."
Pushing up her glasses Shirogane said, "It would be bad if we lost a member on the first day."
You were feeling relieved when she said they would look for your friend until the gossiping girls you had heard early started to snicker.
"I can't believe she got lost all ready."
"And she's supposed to be from a noble family. But from what I heard she was adopted in."
"Hah! That just goes to show you what happens when you mix pearls among swine. I mean really she's supposed to be one of the candidates for Captain Kuchiki!"
There laughter at your friend made your face burn in anger.
"Hey! At least she's got more common sense and spine then you ugly old hags!" You shouted.
They turned and glared at you sauntering up to you. "And what would you know your just a commoner." She crossed her arms under her chest* and pushed up presenting her melons.
You scoffed at her, "At least she didn't need silicon for her chest*"
Affronted she pushed you back. Thinking that was such a pansy push you moved your opposite leg backwards to catch yourself when you felt nothing under your foot.
"Shoot. I was next to one of the open doors." You thought.
Preparing for the fall you closed your eyes. When nothing happened you opened them and looked up finding red hair in front of you. Looking down at you were brown-gold eyes that sparkled with laughter. "Your a sassy one aren't you." ,he whispered in your ear.
"Lieutenant Abarai...?"
Once the Lieutenant helped you up the big chested* gossiper started using crocodile tears and ran into the Lieutenants chest. "Awwwww this commoner was being so mean to me!"
With a cool expression Abarai removed her from his chest. "It was probably because you were insulting her friend."
The gossiper looked shocked that he had taken her side. You felt your heart swell with joy that the Lieutenant was as nice and fair as everyone said. Just then you saw your friend walk around the corner followed by... Captain Kuchiki!?
"I came to return this lost kitten."
You noticed your friend looked pale and shook a little and was glancing nervously at The Captain. When he was going to rest his hand on her shoulder and she dodged it you knew you needed to help her.
"Ummm so Shirogane-san we've had an eventful day and you just told us me and my friend would be in the same room together sooooo I'll take her and we'll be off so bye."

Renji smiled at the rookie's backs retreated.
"She made a hasty retreat to get her friend away from you Captain. What'd you do to that rookie to make her hate/fear you so much?"
Byakuya looked at his hand she had avoided, "I don't know when we were at the marriage interview she seemed to hate me on sight."
"Phew! It usually takes them at least a few hours to dislike you not on sight."
When Byakuya glared at him Renji smiled. He had found that other rookie who had defended her friend so well to be quite interesting. She was petite and looked delicate but had a strong core the contrast between looks and personality made quite a package.
"I can't wait to find out if she's as fun as she looks."
I do not own Bleach or any of it's characters all credit goes to its author
I do own this story
I do not own you

If you don't like it don't read it
And I hope throughout all these chapters to get all the characters done but if there's a minor character that you want please post

Chapter 1- you are here (This is the very first chapter in the Bleach series I am doing)
Chapter 2- [link]
Chapter 3- [link]
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