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“Alright, everyone as I am getting bored instead of drawing a number I’m just going to yell them out now. Sooooo, number 17 you seemed to be on the edge of your seat come on up and your lucky guy will be sent in with you.”, Kakashi drawled.

“Not so lucky if you ask me…” Sasuke murmured.

“Awww, man you are so mean Sas-uke-kun~” , a voice whined.

You looked over your shoulder when you heard those words seeing a familiar head of blue white hair. Looking down you tried to cover up your embarrassment when you saw Suigetsu without any cloths on.

A deafening shriek was heard throughout the room as the rest of the Kuniochi noticed the pale man’s lack of attire.  Kunai from all over were thrown at the man while others screamed pervert and attempted to beat him up. (A//N: cough Sakura cough)

Yelling in panic Suigetsu turned into his water form before slithering into the closet.  
When you just stood there like a deer in headlights as the deadly wave of Kuniochi starting stampeding towards you.

You were only saved by the blue liquid that had fled into the closet wrapping around your ankles and dragging you into the closet, the door shutting due to your hold on it.

Gasping at the sudden change in scenery you watched the blue liquid reform the recognizable form of a naked Suigetsu, when banging and screaming could be heard from the other side of the door, angry yells making the two occupants of the small room shiver.

Blinking to allow yourself to see better in the dark interior you looked back at Suigetsu blushing at the fact he was once again without any cloths on.

“Um Suigetsu, since you know we are in a closet that you think you might borrow some cloths. And put them on?”

You would not dare to look back at the gorgeous amount of male behind you for fear of passing out like Hinata. That would so not be cool and I can’t mess up this opportunity,

I must tell him how I feel, I mean the minute the festival is over he’ll have to leave with Sasuke again. Getting depressed at the thought your shoulders slumped.

“It’s Ok ________ I’m dressed now.”

You could feel Suigetsu’s hot breath on your neck causing you to shiver slightly before turning around. The sight before you made you blink in shock before laughing while clutching your sides.

Suigetsu was in a light purple dress with a low cut neck line and a pair of white heels.

The site was so ridiculous you couldn’t stop laughing. Tears were leaking out of your eyes as you rolled around on the floor.

Striking a pose Suigetsu looked even more ridiculous causing more laughter to bubble up from your throat. Smiling Suigetsu sat down and poked your cheek.

“Not so scared now, huh?”

Slightly shocked by his assumption your eyebrows scrunched up, “Scared?”

Looking a little sheepish Suigetsu rubbed the back of his head, “Yeah Sasuke said that you would most likely be scared of me because I’m of missing-nin and if I wanted to show you my affection that I needed to break the barrier of you being afraid of me.”

More shocked now then earlier you repeated, “Show your affection?”

For a minute it was dead silent in the closet before there was a thunk as Suigetsu started to bang his head against the wall murmuring, “You’re an idiot just telling her like that. Where is that supposed Mr. Cool now? Idiot.”

Staring at him a moment longer you started to giggle at him once more. Irritated purple eyes looked over at you glaring. “I’m over here having a break down and your laughing at me?”

Giggling a little more and trying to cover it with your hand you said, “Maybe a little but you do know you look ridiculous.”

Arching an eyebrow he brought a hand up to his chest in mock hurt. “Why, why most the cute ones make fun of me soooooooo.”

Staring at him surprised for a moment you bent your head down as blush to over your features at his compliment.

“Oh, ho, oh?! So is that why you put your head down like so because your embarrassed?~”

Snapping your head up to retaliate you gasp when his head was only a small distance away from your own.

“So it’s true you look so cute with a blush _______-chan~”

His head bent closer to your own before he silkly whispered, “I wonder if I can make it worse~”

Your eyes widened as dirty thoughts flew through your head and your face bled an even darker shade of red.

Purple eyes looked at your face smugly, “Awww is little _____-chan thinking dirty thoughts? I’d hate to disappoint, sooooo~”

Grabbing you he pulled you onto his lap, outfit and all, before kissing your collarbone and nibbling on it. “Though it’s not fair _______-chan you know how I feel about you, and you haven’t told me your own feelings.”

As he continued to nibble and lick his way up your throat, making trying to form a sentence near impossible. The door opened up and a smiling Kakashi looked into the closet.

“Well we can see that you two were having fun.”

Suigetsu stood up with a smile and walked out in the dress into the room. Kakashi continued, “But you two have some weird ideas for dress up.”

Suigetsu snorted, “You’re just jealous that I can make this look good.”

Walking up behind Suigetsu as the room continued to roar with laughter at his appearance you stood on your tip toes before kissing him on the cheek and whispering words you had wanted to say in the closet.

“I like you.”

Scurrying over to your friends, while your face heated up at the dead silence in the room after you actions. Suigetsu stood shocked before smiling a devilish smile and marching over to you. Not looking up because of your embarrassment you shrieked in shock as you were hoisted up and over Suigetsu’s shoulder, and was starting to be carried out of the room.

“What, what are you doing Suigetsu!”, You called

Suigetsu slapped your rear before continue on towards the door. “This is entirely your fault ______ telling me something like that now you’re going to have to take responsibility and I know just how you can do that.” He purred.

Kakashi watched as a blushing _______ and a satisfied looking Suigetsu left the room, only looking up from his book long enough to sigh and make a note. “Got to tell the Hokage not to send ______ on any missions tomorrow she’ll be too sore.”

Naruto looked over at Kakashi curiously, “Why would she be sore?’

Giving a U eyed smile Kakashi ruffled Naruto’s hair, “Nothing you need to know, now Naruto.”

Any one else think Suigetsu would look like a hot girl or is it just me? Hello all, I'm sorry Suigetsu's story took so long his character was not wanting to play nice with me and make a story. It was like trying to combine the playfulness of Naruto the perve of Jiraiya and the blood lust of Kisame though that one wasn't shown as much compared to Naruto and Jiraiya. I tried to make up for my lateness by making it really good, though. So hoped you enjoyed it.Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] 

Disclaimer: Yui Hirasawa (Don't glare at me) [V1] 
I do not own Naruto or any of its characters Bunny Emoji-26 (Teehee) [V2] 
I do own this story Squee! 
I do not own you Team Rocket (Intro) [V1] 

If you don't like it don't read it Ciel Phantomhive (Serious Look) [V1] 
and if you want someone and I can get a grasp on that person's personality ask away it may show up Hibiya Amamiya-01 (Shy Blush) [V2] (though it might take awhile like this one I'm so sorry.)I rage now onion head "shame" 


Links:Prussia (Explaining) [V4] grinfaceplz APH: Onion Prussia :iconpyongiluplz: InuSleepplz :iconfoxeatplz: :iconfoxsighplz: Dark Magician 

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