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July 18, 2013
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Sitting down you where beyond fidgeting already a few pairs had gone into the closet and come back out most of them smiling or looking satisfied, but the anticipation was killing you.
Every time someone was called up you would silently pray that they wouldn't get your number because they weren't the one person that you liked so much. Then once you weren't called you would sigh in relief then blush in embarrassment that you held such wishful thinking that the person you wanted would get you.
Though when you had drawn your number you had been hopeful that this would be your lucky day because you had drawn the luckiest number 7.
'Your an idiot. Even if you do somehow get to be his partner in the closet it's not like he feels anything for you. He's to regal and proper to do anything. The man is a gentlemen.'
While you were berating yourself for your silly hopes you caught the tail end for the words.
"...number seven please get into the closet."
Sighing now that it was finally your turn you trudged into the closet after you "partner". You could hear whispering from the people as they stared at you in pity.
'I must have gotten someone bad while I was out of it.'
Kakashi glanced at you saying, "Do TRY to entertain yourself and Neji please remove that ten foot pole out of your area*"
You blinked in shock as the door swung shut with a thud the only words echoing in your head.
"Are you alright?", a silky voice whispered near your ear.
Spinning around so quickly you smacked into the man behind you with your head against his forehead. Loosing your footing you tumbled over bringing him down with you so that he fell into the awkward position on top of you rubbing his forehead.
You blinked a little dazed between hitting his head and the fact that your crush was not only in a closet with you but on top of you...
You could feel your whole face grow pink and you back pedaled as fast as possible to get out of the awkward position so that if the door was opened you wouldn't make Neji be in an awkward position.
"I know that you don't like me as much as the other boys but you don't have to be so obvious about it."
You blinked confused by what he meant.
Neji seemed to take your silence differently though.
"It is pretty obvious every time one of the boys went up to the drawing bucket you would hold your breath in anticipation then sigh in disappointment when your number wasn't called. Then when my number was called you sighed in regret and didn't even look at me for a full minute when we entered the closet. Though it was clear even when we where at the academy that you didn't really like me because every time I would come around you would look away in annoyance or space out like you had better things to do..."
As your confusion started to clear up you gasped in shock.
'He really thinks that's what I think.'
About to continue on with his tirade you interrupted him.
"THAT'S ALL WRONG!", you shouted.
"The reason I held my breath was because I was hoping they wouldn't draw my number... and those where sighs of relief not disappointment... and and I was thinking to hard about how I shouldn't wish to hard to get your number because I didn't want to be disappointed and even if I did get your number to not hope that I might be able to have you as my own because your way out of my league and I would look down at the academy because I was embarrassed and I would faze out because I was day dreaming about YOU!"
You panted hard after all your yelling then you could feel your face grow even brighter shade of red then Hinata could ever hope to accomplish after what you had just screamed sunk into your brain.
Crying out in embarrassment you spun around and hid the best you could in the corner.
When Neji finally snapped out of his happy trance your words had put him in to see you curled up in the corner.
Sighing Neji activated his Byakugan spinning you around to see your almost glowing red face. Smiling at the cute sight as you tried to hide you face.
"Does this mean you like me?"
You nodded miserably waiting for him to turn you down.
When unexpectably you felt something brush your forehead. Looking up you saw Neji kissing your forehead ever so lightly. His soft hair tickling your face. You giggled lightly at the feeling and he gave you an answering smile in return.
"Neji I think you missed your supposed to kiss me...", you couldn't finish the rest of your sentence because of embarrassment.
His smile grew wider, "I never miss little one."
Your heart grew warm at the endearment.
"I just want out first kiss to be somewhere special instead of in a closet. So will you do me the honors of joining me on my day off."
You nodded before your brain realized you had just agreed to go on a date with Neji at this your ears grew read.
His mouth moved down to your ear brushing it lightly.
"Don't do such cute things or I might have second thoughts and do more wicked things to you then just kiss you."
At this point you could feel your ears burning and when the door opened and you both walked out of the closet you couldn't look up form the floor.
"Well it looks like someone did what they where supposed to. Expect a Hyuuga to follow the rules so thoroughly", Kakashi winked with his one eye and nudged Neji.
I do not own Naruto or any of it's characters
I do own this story
I do not own you

If you don't like it don't read it
If you want a character just post then if I can grasp their character they may show up

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