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June 7, 2013
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It was the annual sleepover/festival for "The Village Hidden in the Leaves" ninja from all around come to celebrate this event. But the event most favored by the younger generation was the game 7 Minutes in Heaven. Where all the girls would get a number then they would write that number down on a slip of paper. Once written down they would stick it in a bucket the boys would then drawn a slip of paper and go with the girl they got then go into the closet and where supposed to make out in the seven minute time frame.

Now then I've explained the rules onto the game.

Jiraiya shouted, "Alright everyone that wants to play 7 Minutes in Heaven come to the old school room we'll conduct the game in there. Children can not play this game!"
You were so excited to be able to finally participate in this game. The older kids had always bragged about being able to do this game and after hearing the rules you were even more excited thinking you might be just maybe chosen by your crush and if you were then...
Shaking off the thought you walked into the building and sat down next your friends and teammates and even you raised your brow some of your enemies.
"Hhmmm I got stuck hosting this thing because I was not paying attention during the meeting so all you brats draw and number and put it into the bucket. Also to make sure no one cheats with the numbers girls on one side boys on the other.", Kakashi said.
Everyone shift as the girls got up got there number and put it into the bucket.
"Alright brats lets see who you get. Hey you over there get a slip of paper."

I do not own Naruto or any of its characters
I do own this story
I do not own you

If you don't like it don't read it
and if you want someone and I can get a grasp on that person's personality ask away it may show up

Deidara- Deidara Avatar Deidara (Playing with bomb) [V1] blinking claybird icon] blinker  Gaara icon for summerangel395 Panda 

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Shino- :beela: :beela: :beela: :beela: :beela: :beela: :beela: :beela: :beela: :beela: :beela: :beela: 

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