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Alright this game is stupid, and of course it took a perverted jounin sensei to come up with the idea. But seriously why where you dragged into this mess with him. But, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo when you wanted to stay far far FAR away from it the Hokage just had to order you to supervise it because she was annoyed that you had been chosen as most eligible bachelorette instead of her.
'Stupid grudge holding old...'
Though she had made up a reasonable excuse about how she couldn't let the Akatsuki play the game too with only one Jounin watching them.
'Then WHY did you let them play the game!'
Your thoughts trailed off when Sakura and Ino popped up into your face. Sighing at the two who where not acting like kounochi but love stricken fan girls.
[Sorry I just don't like those two all that much]
You winced on the inside all of your years trained as a kounochi just saving you from the banshee's screech.
'Wait. I like Banshees. Banshees are cool if anyone takes the time to read their legends. So to not offend them how bout... a harpy!...yeah that'll work don't really like harpies.'
While you where zoned out Ino and Sakura where going on and on about what they where going to do with Sasuke and then started to argue with each other on who gets him. After an intense battle.
They stopped and grinned at you.
Suddenly wary you thought, 'What's up with them..?'
Your question was answered when they shoved a piece of paper at you then ran off. Looking at the piece of paper.
'10. Agg really it's not bad enough I have to be here but now I have to play the game to.'
Kakashi glanced sneakily at the other Jounin sensei in charge of watching the event. He knew that it wasn't a coincidence that it was _________-chan. Early that week when Tsunade and him had been out drinking together he had blathered like an idiot about his feelings. Now that he was playing this perverted game, he snickered, she ends up having to watch it with him. He hummed lightly taking glances every once in awhile to look at her happy that she was near him. Most of the time she avoided him because she called him a pervert but now, even if it was against her will, she was here with him and he liked to just be near her presence.
[Real romantic isn't he?]
Taking a glance at her again he sees what looked like the tail end of a conversation between Ino and Sakura with __________-chan zoned out, before they thrust a numbered paper at her. Raising a brow at her annoyed sigh he eye-smiled.
'Maybe I could get a chance with her this way.'
He thought about the chance that had just been gifted to him when he saw the other older company in the room give the beautiful teacher 'talking' looks. He barely restrained a growl at that.
'Now I have to get with her to save her from these perverts.'
[Your the biggest pervert here Kakashi...Ok maybe Jiraiya or Orchimaru beat you but you make a close third.]
With that thought in mind while every one else was busy talking about who may go next he raised his hi-ate and used his sharigan to look at her number.
Looking down into the bucket of numbers to be pulled he found the ten and palmed it.
"Hey Hey Sensei why don't you go.", Sakura said.
"Yeah the number one Bachelor just might get hooked.", said Ino.
He faintly heard ________ snort which made him eye smile.
"Ok. I'll do it!"
Then started to pretend to dig around in the bucket while securely holding the number ten.
You shot your head up in horror hearing that Kakashi was going to play.
'Wait calm down there's a whole bucket full of numbers there's only a slim to none chance he'll get my number.'
You knew that it would be a bad idea if your long time crush somehow ended up together. Though your mind knew it was stupid to fall for him your heart still fluttered at the sight of him, and the one time you had found him in normal cloths was permanently etched in your brain. Looking down at your number than out the window as you saw a star fall and felt your heart wish faintly for him to pick you and somehow notice you.
"Number 10."
'Pervert say what know?!'
"I guess I get lovely lady number 10."
'Yes!', Inner heart.
'Shut up this is bad.', Mind.
'So what we get his sexiness for an undivided seven minutes.'
'Yeah but what if we do something stupid and he finds out we like him. He's the eternal bachelor he'll stop taking us seriously.'
'No buts we have to keep our cool.'
While this whole inner debate was going on you had gotten up stiffly and walked into the closet where you sat there like a pole.
He watched ________ walk into the closet regally and sit down like his presence didn't effect her at all.
'Okay first I need to make her smile if this is going to work. Okay plan Icha relaxation is a go.'
Sneaking up on her the best he could with in the confines of the closet he slowly stuck his hands near her sides and started to tickle her. She froze up for a second and he wondered if she wasn't ticklish when she started to shake and giggle before she was full blown laughing and rolling trying to get him to stop. Smiling under his mask he continued to tickle her until he let her grab his wrist and hold them away from her sides.
"Why... did... you.. do ... that....?" Giggling between each word.
"Because you weren't smiling and your most beautiful when your smiling."
During the match of tickling his hi-ate had slipped down to his neck uncovering his sharigan so he could plainly see her blushing even though it was dark. Also during the match she had ended up under him in a very awkward position once he noticed this his own rosy flush came to his face.
'Must resist....'
Still smiling from their little fight you stared up at Kakashi while he smiled at you.
Realizing your position you flushed a bit more and squirmed a bit causing Kakashi to groan. You froze again as you saw his head lower down to yours until his forehead was resting against your own. His silky strands brushed your face and clung. That's when you realized Kakashi was sweating and hot. Forgetting your positions your pulled your hands out and touched his head.
"Your burning up! Are you sick?"
Kakashi started to laugh softly.
"What!?", you ask a bit peeved he was laughing at your kindness.
"It's not that I'm sick darling it's just that I want to kiss you so bad that restraining myself and trying to act like the gentlemen you like so much is physically paining me."
Scrunching up your eyebrows, he found this cute, "Why are you doing that?"
Kakashi laughed again brushing away a strand of hair on your face, "Because my darling I wish to gain your affections and am trying to play the role you like."
You blinked before shyly looking down mumbling something incoherent.
"What was that?"
"I said...I like you so why would I want you to act any different than normal?"
It was his turn to blink.
"But you've always flirted with those gentlemen characters that are complete opposites of me."
"That's because I didn't want anyone to know."
You shrugged as best you could while lying on the floor. He continued to just blink at you before you sighed in annoyance before darting your hands up yanking down his mask and touching your lips to his own giving him your shy and innocent first kiss. Thinking about the time you scooted out from under him standing up and dusted yourself off while Kakashi laid on the floor in shock. The door opened and you walked out looking just as cool as you walked in.
'She likes me....'
'She likes me?'
'She likes me.'
'She likes me! And she kissed me. Plus I think it was her first.'
A giant grin split his face at the thought. Standing up as she walked out of the closet righting his appearance. Seeing her sit down in her original spot he walked over to her grinning before she knew what hit her he scooped her up bridal style and forced her into his lap while he sat down in the chair next to the door. _______ started to struggle while blushing.
"Who's next?" He yelled cheerfully. Clutching his heart close to his chest.
I do not own Naruto or any of it's characters
I do own this story
I do not own you

If you don't like it don't read it
If you want a character just post then if I can grasp their character they may show up

Kakashi is my fav though I try not to give preference
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So sexyyyyyyyyyyy
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It's so fluffy I could die!

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Ceylon-Morphe286 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You know how kakashi has a mask to hide his nosebleed when reading porn?yeah I have a invisible mask cause that's how great I am at hiding my nosebleeds! Hahahahahahahaha
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'Pervert say what now?'
I laughed so hard at that!
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