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"Alright girls pick your number!"
You looked down excitedly into the bucket before pulling out a number. Opening up the slip of paper a chill ran down your was the number 13...and it looked to be written in blood.
Glancing over to the other girls wildly to see if there was anything wrong with their slips of paper you saw that they all just looked excited.  Moving closer to Hinata you hesitantly said, "Hinata there's nothing wrong with your number right?"
The silver eyes heiress looked up at you curiously, "No, m-my n-n-nu-number j-just fine."
Looking down at your own number again only to find it look like a normal number 13 again, you shook your head vigorously. "Never mind."
Sitting down you looked around the room waiting impatiently for your number to be called.  You had always been an impatient person and all this waiting was driving you out of your mind.  Looking around the room again you where surprised by the faces that had shown up, you had Konoha, Kumo, Akatsuki, Hebi, etc. people here.  It was quite an old gathering of people.
Hearing defining squeals you looked over to one of the more shaded corners of the room where all the Uchiha had decided to take up residence.  Girls had gone near the corner but were held off by the glares the raven haired men where giving them unlike the Akatsuki that were getting mauled to death in the other corner of the room.
Smiling you saw that the Uchiha men were conversing amongst themselves and staring hungrily at some of the women in the room.  Their gazes could be considered wolfish and honestly it was scaring you.  In a way you guess you could understand because Uchiha men are trained by birth to act like emotionless beings and to be able to up hold the honor of their station, so when they decided to show interest or affection in something it caused deep possessional feelings and jealousy.
Snorting at the though, 'Still doesn't give them the right to act like jerks', "Studpid 24/7 pmsing Uchiha"
Still staring at the corner you jerked in shock and fear when a pair of fierce glowing red eyes snapped to you from with in the darkened corner.  Flinching in shock and trying not to shiver in fear you spun around trying to hunch in on your self.
"Dang it! Did I say that last part out loud?! And how could he hear me?!?"
Glancing timidly back over your should you froze when you saw those dangerous red eyes still staring at you.  Whipping your head back towards the closet you did shiver now.
"It's O.K it's fine there's bunches no tons of girls here."  
'There's no possible chance that he'll pick yours, right? Right!'
Shakily picking up the slip of paper up again you stared in horror as you looked at the numbers 13 as they seemed to bleed dripping down the paper to form the comma of the Sharigan.
Numbed you stared shocked as time seemed to slow down your friends starting to slow until their voices became distorted and sound slightly demonic.  Jumping up in panic you shrieked in shock as the paper you were holding started to wriggle and move.  Dropping it in fright you watched as it hit the ground exploding into feathers.
'Feathers! Ravens!'
A warm chuckle rang through the air, making you spin around widely, the noise coming from all directions.
"You always were smart _______ even when we were in the Academy you always knew if I was up to something."
Freezing when pales arms came out from behind you wrapping around your front before being pulled into the chest behind you.  He placed his dark head on your shoulder raven like hair sliding over your neck to tickle you with its smoothness.  Whimpering you tried to pull away from the dark presence that bound you, while also wanting to stay close to the person you had loved deeply as a child.
"Do you remember ________ that promise we made as kids." His voice was like a smooth caress gliding over the skin on your throat.
Shaking in the need to get away and closer at the same time you could only nod your head quickly.
"Good because if you remember you promised to be mine and I always keep the things that are mine."
Feeling something be clipped onto your necklace you saw a new charm on the necklace Itachi had given you on the day you had made the promise.  It was the fire fan a sense of dread filled your gut.

"________!  _______! ___________________________!"
Snapping out of it you looked around wildly to see you were still in the classroom and not the demonic version. You looked up to see Kakashi-sensei staring down at you with concern.
"Are you ok _______?"
"Yeah....,"shakily nodding your head you continued,"....just remembering a promise I made to someone."
"Oh, alright well your number was already called and their in the closet so if you need any help just yell."
Being pushed numbly into the closet you didn't feel anything until the closet closed and a glowing pair of red eyes appeared infront of you.  Before you could scream Itachi's hand clasped over your mouth.
"_________  Why are you screaming?"
Hearing the quiet timber of his voice and not the deep possessive growl that had been in her wakemare. (A//N: A wakemare is when you have a nightmare while your awake like having a fantasy but it's bad)
"Ummm no it's nothing."
"I see."
You both sat in comfortable both slightly awkward silence.
"You don't seem like the type for this game _______."
Looking up at him again you smiled, "Oh it's nothing I just felt I needed to move...on...from...Youuuuuuuuuuuu know what I think that they should sell pumpkin cookies on more than just autumn."
You laughed awkwardly as the silent 'I needed to get over you.' hung in the air.
Not even daring to look at the accusing looking Uchiha you waited for awhile when you heard the click of the door unlocking.
"Well look at that our times up most be going now. It was pleasant to see you again Uchiha-san but."
About at the door you froze when Itachi slammed his hand onto the door making you stop your forward progress. Gulping you turned slowly eyes wide to look at an angry pair of wildly spinning Sharigan.
"When did you stop using my name ________!"
"Um I don't know what your talking about.", you tugged desperately on the door trying to get it open.
"Then look me in the eye and say my name."
Glancing around his face you said, "I don't know what you mean I always say your name Uchiha-san."
A deep growl could be heard from in front of you. Itachi snatched your chin forcing your head up to look him in the eye, "Not my last name, koi, when did you stop saying my first name."
Starting to actually get angry at your inability to leave you spat out, "Maybe it was when my first love decided to murder almost his entire clan!"
Glaring at him you where surprised when you heard a deep chuckle of amusement.
"There's the fiery koi I came to like so dearly." Bending his head down he nuzzled into the hollow of your throat reminding you of wakemare so much you whimpered in fright.
Pulling his head back red eyes glowed as they looked down at you.
"Remember koi you are mine!" Saying such his lips descended on you and ravished your mouth like he was a conqueror and your mouth was the last land to conquer. Gasping for breath when he finally let you come up for air you were only able to gasp out.
"I'm not yours!"
"Oh yes koi you are."
You heard a light clicked and looked down in shock to see that your charm necklace was almost full. Ever since you were a child on your birth day Itachi would give you a charm and you had promised with him that once the necklace was full you would become his.  There was only one more spot the necklace to go.  At such a young age when you had made the promise you didn't see the harm in it but now it was like a brand weighing heavily upon you like chains or leash him holding the other end.
Finally grasping knob firmly you pushed with all your adrenaline hyped strength you burst out of the closet and ran as fast as you could for the door.  Looking over your shoulders you saw those beautifully deadly glowing red eyes staring back at you as he whispered words that seemed to you to be shouted at you from your very soul.
"You may run koi but that's all you can do you can never truly escape me."
Feeling a burning sensation from around your neck you kept running out the door breaking eye contact with the murderous man and looked down at your necklace.
The last linked glowed before a small bloody pendant of the letter 13 came to rest on the last chain.

The cursed number 13.

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Friday the thirteenth

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