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You could not believe that the Hokage had let the Akatsuki into the village let alone play a festival game.
'Plus it's 7 Minutes in Heaven who knows what their going to do to the girls in the closets?!?'
Glancing at the group nervously you prayed silently that you wouldn't get any of them as your partner.
'I wonder if that blue haired girl is as crazy as the rest of them I mean it takes some kind of personality to have to be near and put up with them all the time.'
The blue haired girl most have felt my curious staring when she walked over and sat next me and started to smile.
After a while of just staring at one another you said, "Umm hi?"
"Hello.", her voice was very nice it was soft and calm. You smiled at the voice when a loud boom made you jump about a foot in the air and look over.
The blonde of the group was rolling on the floor laughing. He had long blond hair that was pretty rare in a guy and lake like blue eyes but one of them was covered by a piece of his bangs, the rest of it was pulled up into a pony tail and he kind of reminded you of your platinum blond female friend except for switch bangs and darker hair and eyes. He was pointing at a very miffed looking silver haired man who was cussing up a storm at the blond man. You where about to comment on them to the blue hair female when she marched past you and yanked on the blond man's ear and gave him a dressing down at volumes that could put Sakura to shame.
"So much for her being soft and calm.", you muttered.
"She's only like that when she's yelling at one of us for being a morons, yeah!"
Confused by the speech tick mark you turned and saw the same blonde as the one being yelled at by the blue haired female.
"HOW ARE YO...mfft!"
Tanned hands covered your mouth in a hurry as you tried to yell in surprise.
"Shh! I may look dumb but I don't want my ear ripped off, un."
Blinking you nodded than looked over at Kakashi who was making wide motions for the blond guy's clone to come pick a number. Looking behind you, you looked at the man making a face that said, "What are you going to do now?"
The blond man grimaced as his clone pulled out a slip of paper and yelled, "11, yeah!"
Surprised you yanked his hands off your mouth and gulped in air before showing him your slip of paper.
The blond man grinned before scooping you up bridal style and running in the open closet before the blue haired woman could figure out the person she had been yelling at was a fake. When the closet closed with a thud the muffled screams showed that he was going to get it when he got out of her.
"Sooooooooo.", you said, "Who are you?"
"Deidara, un. Bomber and true artist of the Akatsuki, yeah."
"True artist."
"Yeah, my man Sasori, the red head, thinks that art should be eternal and I'm like naw art should be flashy and only last so long before it goes off with a bang."
After a few moments of silence you said, "Sooooooooo this is awkward."
"It doesn't have to be, un.", Deidara said wriggling his eyebrows.
You sniggered at him, "Your a pervert you know that. I thought I would be more afraid of you than this and was really against one of you getting my number but your not all that bad."
"Pfft that's cause you haven't seen me in action, un. I'm B.A."
"What you mean Blown Apart.", you sniggered at his affronted face at your comment.
"Just for that you don't get the piece of art I made, yeah." Childishly he crossed his arms and stuck his nose up in the air.
Smiling you put your face next to his to see where the "art" was.
"How could you make art in the closet?"
Deidara turned slightly seeing your face so close to his own and smiled at an idea.
"I'll let you see if... you give me a kiss, un."
"Isn't that the whole point of being in this closet?"
"Well if your going to complain I could make it worse and tell you to take off your..."
"No no a kiss is fine.", you knew your own curiosity was killing you plus you had already prepared yourself to kiss who ever you went into the closet with.
'Though it's a bonus that he's hot.'
Leaning forward you pressed your lips against his lightly and moved your face so that they rubbed against his. Deidara rolled his eyes at this and held your face still so that he could ravish your mouth. Taking your light kiss to something more when he stopped you felt dazed like you weren't really there, but you could still see the satisfied smirk on Deidara's face.
"Like it that much did you?"
Blushing you yelled, "You wished."
He made placating gestures and said, "Calm down, un. For my apology is a flower for ya, yeah."
Picking up the clay flower you look at it. It was very pretty and very delicate. You smiled and than a mischievous light lit up your eyes.
'Well he's still our enemy even if he is really nice.'
A smirk lit up your face and you went over and hug Deidara for the flower, he seemed surprised than smiled hugging you back. Before you used a Wind Jutsu causing a small storm of dust to swirl around in the room. Deidara released you to rub at his nose where you burst out of the closet making everyone look at you in surprise.
"Run people Run!!!"
"Why?", The Akatsuki asked.
"I put a bomb in Deidara's bag of clay."
The more intelligent people of the Akatsuki paled at this a ran for shelter.
Within the closet you heard "Katchu"
[Get it Katsu Atchu? Get it? Get it? *Crickets* Shut up]
Diving under a desk for cover. A loud boom could be heard as all his bomb powder went off at once making a giant explosion. Laughing as a singed and smoking Deidara fell out of the closet you said, "How's that for art, hmmmmmm."
Deidara looked up at you than got what you where saying. Smiling he said, "That was not cool man."
"I didn't know the Leaf had such chaotic ninja.", said Kisame.
"Un." [If you don't know where have you been?]
"We should get that wench on our side. She'd be a blast.", Hidan. Everyone looked at Hidan with a are you serious look.
You had walked back over to Deidara and started to fiddle with his hair. Pulling out the broken flower you stared at it smiling, you had broken off the stem to play your prank. You looked at it sadly when it started to crack and brake sad that you couldn't keep the flower because they where your enemy.
Deidara moved slightly making you look down at him. He touched the hand that had been brushing his hair softly and smiled. Smiling back, he got up and went to argue with Sasori clenching your hand at the lose of the softness of his hair you felt something solid in your hands.
In it was a cute little bird engraved with the words,
"If you don't like flowers here's a bird instead I hope you'll keep this close to your heart."
Grin widening you looked from the bird of to Deidara to see him winking at you before going back to his argument.
'Yeah, the Akatsuki can do a lot to a girl in seven minutes.'
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LunaLaRuna Featured By Owner Edited Oct 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Use your enemies items against them >=)
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Sadly, I think art is eternal... Sorry Deidara
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Aizens-girl Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015
I am so surprised that you didn't have Deidara do anything weird, or gross with his Mouth hand! Like "when he held your cheek you suddenly felt a tongue gently graze by. And you shrieked. 'WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!!!' You asked flailing about like a spaz!"
(I know it's spelled Spas, Yeah.)

Lol I loved it!... but I must ask...was Deidara planning on killing you With a bomb flower?!! And is he still planing to do so with the bird bomb, Yeah?!!!! :[
I almost died due to laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe. Dat Katsu Atchu tho. Tomoya Okazaki (Laughing Hard) [V1] Laughing Demoman's Epic Laugh (TF2 Chat Icon) 
LJlover16171 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
I love Deidara,Deidara (Evil Smile) [V1]  now HE'S a true work of art! *badum bum chhh* OMG MOAR POEMS! 
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Gots to have my horrible humor in there.Big Hero 6 Breathe  
LJlover16171 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015
yeahhhh, nothings better than horrible jokes xD
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Oh god I'm dying this is too good 💣💣
AnimeHugsKisses Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
"Well if your going to complain I could make it worse and tell you to take off your..."
"No no a kiss is fine."
:D How do you come up with this?
MillyMaeAKAshap Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Student Writer
I completely agree with Pepermintkisses17 I laughed uncontrollably at the end!!! XDNaruto Dancing lol
Peppermintkisses17 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Get it Katsu Atchu? Get it? Get it? *Crickets* Shut up.This part made me laugh so hard:woohoo:
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That was perfect! :icondeideiplz:
KooriTora Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013   General Artist
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aww this was adorable but really funny at the end!
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